Wapiti Earns High Scores for Hospital Culture Fit

Hospital culture fit illustrated by Venn diagram

Hospital culture can have an impact on the patient experience. We all know that locum providers are essential in helping rural healthcare facilities provide seamless care. However, the key to a successful locum experience is finding a provider who is a great cultural fit. Cultural alignment can improve patient experiences, boost staff morale, and enhance […]

RMEC Preceptor of the Year Award Goes to Wapiti Provider Dr. Niral T.

RMEC Preceptor of the Year winner Dr. Niral T.

RMEC (Regional Medical Education Center) Preceptor of the Year honors have been bestowed on Wapiti provider Dr. Niral T. He received the honor from the University of Iowa. The award recognizes Dr. T. for “setting clear expectations, creating an engaging learning environment, and his long-standing commitment to teaching students.” Preceptors are crucial in educating and […]

Wapiti Receives Record High Scores for Response Time

Medical staffing company response time quotes from survey

Medical staffing company response time is critical for locum providers. That’s why Wapiti is so proud of the high marks we received for 24-hour response time in our recent staffing survey. Responsiveness is central to any successful relationship. That is especially true when it comes to healthcare. Whether it’s a physician addressing a patient’s concerns […]

Consultative Services Help Wapiti’s Partners Adapt to Change

Consultative services illustrated by a dry erase board presentation showing the different aspects of partnerships

Wapiti’s consultative services are a fantastic resource for facilities seeking updated or alternative staffing solutions. Adaptability and innovation are essential in today’s healthcare landscape. Let’s explore how Wapiti’s consultative services lay the foundation for success.   Embracing change  Change is constant in healthcare, and updating staffing models can often become necessary. At Wapiti, we strive to […]

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness: Separating Information from Misinformation

Road sign warning that flu season is ahead

Flu vaccine effectiveness is a continuing debate among the general public. However, experts have no doubts. The CDC has studied the efficacy of flu vaccines for years. Their most recent findings show that flu vaccines offer 40-60% protection against flu illness during peak flu season, with better protection from influenza B and A(H1N1) viruses. Before […]

Patient Care Enhancement: Innovating Solutions through Locum Coverage

Enhanced patient care represented by a doctor at a crossroads between

Patient care enhancement is the goal of clinics and hospitals. Locum providers bring a unique advantage to the facilities where they practice, enhancing patient care. A fresh pair of eyes can help contribute to the overall quality of healthcare services. With open-mindedness and curiosity, these professionals can bring a new perspective to each case, leading […]