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The benefits of working with Wapiti

Why should you work with wapiti?

Wapiti Medical Staffing prioritizes our providers, setting them up for long-term growth and success. There are many reason to partner with Wapiti including, competitive rates, our dedicated team of professionals, and our unparalleled customer service, transparency and communication. Explore some more reasons why Wapiti makes sense for you. 

Flexible schedule

 Take control of your career and find more balance! Enjoy the flexibility of a personalized work schedule that puts YOU in charge. With Wapiti, you can achieve the perfect blend of work and play while feeling fulfilled and energized. We help you live your best life.



Provider/Facility Match

We are proud to be rated an exceptional 95% by our partners when it comes to the accuracy of our provider/facility match. Our commitment to providing the best match  guarantees that our providers will feel connected and thrive in roles that allow them to prosper.

After hours assistance

At Wapiti, we put your well-being first by providing unparalleled support. There is a real person on call 24/7, dedicated to addressing your urgent needs. You can rest easy knowing that a responsive and knowledgeable professional is just a call away, ready to help you navigate critical situations and deliver exceptional care.

Bonus Opportunities

We recognize our providers’ dedication and hard work and reward them equitably. When you are part of the Wapiti team, you get the recognition you deserve for your valuable contributions.

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Making an IMPACT

At Wapiti Medical Staffing, you can become a force for good in rural America. You will truly make a difference in the lives of patients in underserved communities. Become a part of the local culture, contribute to its vitality, and leave a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.


Are you ready to take on new challenges? Wapiti gives you the chance to work in a variety of settings, strengthening your skill set with diverse work experiences. You’ll hone your adaptability and knowledge, taking your career to the next level.


Credentialing a new provider is a necessary but time consuming step. Wapiti can help streamline the process with our on-staff credentialing specialists. We can reduce the administrative burden, take care of the paperwork and ensure all deadlines are met. Let us handle the details of credentialing so you can focus on providing exceptional care. 


When you work with Wapiti, you are part of a team that genuinely cares about you. Our staff builds strong relationships with our providers based on trust and respect. At Wapiti, we believe in living our values:

Integrity– Pursuing our passions honestly and ethically
Commitment– Dedicated to persevere with purpose
Adaptability– Encompasses openness, flexibility, and willingness to change
Responsiveness– Impact through concise and timely actions
Empowerment– A stronger me creates an exceptional WE

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