Why Wapiti?

Take your talents to the communities that need them the most.

We’ve Got Your Back Every Step Of The Way

When Wapiti has your back, you can focus on doing your best work.

For over 25 years, Wapiti has been placing physicians and advanced practice providers in locum tenens positions throughout the upper Midwest and across the country. Our strength is serving the healthcare needs of rural communities, and our providers are the key to that strength.

Our commitment to our providers in the field has made Wapiti a multiyear recipient of the Best of Staffing® Award, putting us in the top 2% of all staffing groups nationwide. We provide you with:

  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs.
  • A-rated malpractice coverage during your Wapiti-scheduled shifts.
  • In-house credentialing to simplify and ease paperwork for you.
  • Travel assistance or mileage reimbursement provided for most opportunities.
  • Trustworthy and friendly internal staff available 24/7 to assist you.

Where would you like to go?

Click a state below to see what’s available. Wapiti has locum tenens and perm placement positions throughout the United States. Our strongest presence is in the Midwestern geographic region.

Our Process

You can apply online directly to any of our openings, contact us online or send your CV to contact@wapitimedical.com and we will get in touch promptly. We understand that you want to focus on providing the best possible care, so we make our process as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

Recruitment Phase

Our Recruitment Team will be your first source of information through the exciting process of becoming an independent practitioner. From pay rate to placement location and schedule, we have answers to all of your questions.

Credentialing Phase

After you come on board, you will work with our Credentialing Team to obtain the facility privileges needed to add you to the schedule. We will even help you apply for state licenses.

Scheduling Phase

The Scheduling Team will be your long-term partner, acting as your support team and managing all details around your placement(s). Your designated scheduler is available at any time when you have issues, questions or concerns.

24/7 Access To Your Team

When you are on location and have questions or issues, or even if you are home and curious about something, our 24/7 toll-free number is available for you. We never leave our providers hanging without answers or the resources needed to ensure success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you pay your providers?

Wapiti pays on the 15th of each month. We offer direct deposit to make sure that all are paid in a timely manner.

Is malpractice insurance covered?
Yes, Wapiti will cover you through our A-rated malpractice carrier for any work that you perform for us. Our policy limits are $1 million/$3 million.

We work with hospitals, clinics, facilities and practices of all sizes and can connect you to job opportunities in a variety of specialty areas.
Is the malpractice tail coverage provided?

Yes, whether you are part time or full time, we make sure your malpractice tail coverage is provided.

Are travel expenses covered?

Each facility has different rates and contracts that may or may not pay or reimburse for travel. Our internal travel department will assist in arranging the most cost-effective form of travel for you based on your needs.

How long does it take to get credentialed?

Most facilities require 60-90 days once they receive a full packet, but some will credential as quickly as two weeks.

How far in advance do you schedule providers?

We try to schedule at least one to three months in advance; however, it is occasionally necessary to schedule shifts last minute based on your needs, the facility’s needs, and credentialing timelines.

Are You Ready For Exciting New Challenges?

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