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Locum tenens assignments

Find your perfect physician career with Wapiti Medical Staffing. Some physicians make a full-time career out of working locum tenens. Others moonlight as a way to supplement their regular income. Maybe you’re just starting out your physician career. Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran. Whatever your situation, Wapiti has short and long-term locum jobs available in a variety of settings:


These are excellent income opportunities. Longer shifts available, allowing you to spend weeks off per month while earning a full-time pay.


Work as the single Hospitalist in a facility or as part of team in mid-sized hospitals with reasonable workloads.


Wapiti offers Urgent Care shifts for those who desire a faster pace outside of the Emergency Room.


Work in underserved, small communities where you will be appreciated and the patient load is comfortable.

perm placement

Wapiti will help you find a long-term, full-time position in your preferred setting and geographic location. We work with many hospitals and healthcare facilities and can connect you to a physician career in a variety of specialty areas.

Take the stress out of your job search by using Wapiti’s perm placement staffing services. Call us at (888) 733-4428 or submit your information to to get started. 


Refer a colleague to Wapiti and get paid! Submit a Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or CRNA and Wapiti will pay you for each hour your referral works during their first 90 days with our organization. Help a friend or colleague find a new physician career!

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