Visionary Committee

Why a Visionary Committee?

Wapiti’s mission is to improve the well-being of the communities we serve: one employee, one healthcare provider and one facility at a time.  How do we do that in an increasingly challenging and changing landscape? How do we see what will be needed in 5-10 years and respond to the future of rural healthcare?  We bring together the experts in our field with a goal of collaborating on the future of rural healthcare and how we can impact it for sustainability. 

Dr. Bryan Judge

Rae Kaare

Dr. Kent Herbert

James Roetman

Greg Ruberg

Margaret Sumption

Dr. Ameen Taleb

Kim Herrmann, PA-C

Chief Executive Officer

Presley Jones

Vice President of Sales

Jen Lloyd

Vice President of Operations

Brittney Pauli

Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services

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