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Wapiti Medical Staffing has vetted a roster of highly respected coaches and consultants who specialize in the unique challenges facing healthcare professionals. Coaching can address individual struggles, such as work-life balance, career transitions, and personal well-being, fostering resilience and growth. Consulting services can contribute to professional development, aiding in optimizing operational efficiency, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and enhancing overall healthcare delivery. Wellbeing resources are indispensable in acknowledging and mitigating the  psychological burdens physicians bear. Wapiti recognizes that a healthy and supported medical workforce is pivotal for both individual practitioners and the healthcare system at large. These resources underscore our commitment to the comprehensive care of our providers, reinforcing a culture that prioritizes their mental, emotional, and professional well-being. All services are completely confidential.  




  • Are you struggling with work-life balance?
  • Are you considering becoming a medical director?
  • Have you lost your joy for your work?
  • Are you considering changing from clinic to ER or moving to a busier ER?
  • Are you looking to enhance communication and collaboration among your healthcare team?
  • Are facilities asking you not to return?


  • Are you facing challenges with operational efficiency in your medical facility?
  • Do you need assistance in streamlining workflow and processes?
  • Are you struggling with nurse interactions at one of your facilities?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction and experience?
  • Are you experiencing a prolonged LOS (length of stay)?




  • Are you experiencing burnout or increased stress levels?
  • Are you struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety?
  • Do you feel stigmatized or hesitant to seek mental health care?
  • Are changes in your work environment contributing to heightened work-related distress?
  • Is harassment creating issues in your personal or professional life?

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