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Winning the Race

Is it possible to excel in both healthcare and the adrenaline-fueled world of triathlons? Meet Dr. Chris S., whose journey epitomizes the value of flexibility and control.

Dr. S. says embracing locum tenens has reshaped his professional path. “When I worked as a full-time hospital employee, my schedule was basically dictated. With locum tenens, I tell my scheduler when I am available, and they work me in.” This flexibility allows him to build time in his calendar to pursue his passion: triathlons. “I am an age group Triathlete, and summertime is when I do more intense training and racing. Locum tenens allows me to do that.” Dr. S. can adjust his workload, ramping up during winter’s chill and dialing back in the summer heat to tackle intense training and thrilling races.

Dr. S. has qualified for, and competed  in 10 world championships, representing our country on team USA. He will be competing in his 11th world championships this October in Malaga, Spain.

But it’s not just about the physical feats—it’s about reclaiming control. “When I was working in a full-time position, I sometimes felt pressured to pick up extra shifts. I think there’s a societal pressure that if you’re not working 40 to 60 hours per week, you’re not working hard enough. Working as a locum tenens, I can set the number of hours I want to work and still feel that I have time for my hobbies, family, and relaxation.”

Through locum tenens, Dr. S. isn’t just practicing medicine—he has crafted a life that harmonizes passion with purpose, one exhilarating race at a time.

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