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Locum Life: Brittany K.

Locum life has been an adventure for Wapiti provider Brittany K. After gaining valuable experience in outpatient internal medicine and hospitalist cross-coverage, Brittany decided to venture into locum work to pay off her student loans. Little did she know that this decision would open the door to a world of opportunities.

From urgent care centers to bustling emergency rooms, Brittany enjoys the diversity of her assignments. “I feel like I have really seen it all!” Adapting to different healthcare settings and cultures comes naturally to Brittany, thanks to her upbringing as a farm girl. “I am not afraid to work hard and jump in to help! Being self-sufficient is an asset when working in a new location.”

Locum life has enriched Brittany’s career and personal growth in ways she never imagined. “Having such a variety of experiences has helped me meet so many great staff members and develop relationships with specialists from all over.” She believes building that rapport with colleagues and staff is one of the keys to a positive experience. “Even years later, we still keep in touch,” Brittany shares. “We swap crazy medical stories, share dog pictures, and talk about our families. That is such a cool experience!”

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In addition to the unparalleled variety, Brittany cites freedom as one of the major benefits of locum tenens. “Setting my schedule allows me the flexibility to take vacations and enjoy life outside of work.” Brittany has a six-year-old labradoodle, Piper, who travels with her on every assignment, which helps alleviate any homesickness.

Brittany offers encouragement to healthcare professionals considering locum tenens: “Don’t be afraid to try! Talk to Wapiti –they will ease your fears and take good care of you. You’ll never be sent into a bad situation with Wapiti by your side.” As Brittany continues her journey as a locum provider, she looks forward to the adventures ahead, knowing that each assignment brings new opportunities for learning, growth, and connection.