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ATLS Guidelines on Expiration Dates and Grace Period

After the successful completion of the ATLS Student or Student Refresher course, your ATLS status is current for four years from the last date of the course (ex. 11/01/2023 to 11/01/2027). Students have up to six months after their status expires to take a Student Refresher course (1 day) versus the entire student course (2 full days) if not renewed within the six months. 

Per direct communications with the American College of Surgeons Program Specialist, Trauma Education Program, once the expiration date passes, you are no longer certified and are not eligible to work in an ER until you complete the Student Refresher course or the entire Student course. COVID exemptions are no longer being honored.    

To ensure that you can get into a class and renew your ATLS prior to the expiration date, you should start looking for a course one year before the expiration date, as courses fill up quickly. Wapiti will send you an expirable notification six months before the expiration date we have on file as a reminder.

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