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Consultative Services Help Wapiti’s Partners Adapt to Change

Wapiti’s consultative services are a fantastic resource for facilities seeking updated or alternative staffing solutions. Adaptability and innovation are essential in today’s healthcare landscape. Let’s explore how Wapiti’s consultative services lay the foundation for success. 

 Embracing change

 Change is constant in healthcare, and updating staffing models can often become necessary. At Wapiti, we strive to become invaluable partners to hospitals seeking a fresh outlook. For example, this can include transition assistance due to shifts in hospital staffing support from local clinic providers. With our expertise, facilities can ensure the continuity of care and navigate this transition seamlessly.

 Navigating financial challenges

 Providing quality care while maximizing resources and minimizing costs is the goal of every facility – and Wapiti’s consultative services help make it an achievable reality! Potential solutions to maximization of current provider resources may include integration of telehealth services and utilization of advanced practice providers. And with Wapiti’s team of experienced consultants, our partners can navigate the financial landscape without compromising quality. 

Adapting to patient volume

 Hospitals are dynamic environments where patient volumes can vary significantly across departments. Wapiti’s consultative services can assist facilities in adjusting their staffing models to match changes in patient volume. Whether it’s a sudden influx of patients or a demand reduction, Wapiti can ensure that staffing remains agile and efficient.

Greater efficiency 

We understand the importance of adapting to the ever-changing healthcare industry – that’s why Wapiti is leading the way in providing hospitals with the perfect solutions to build efficiency and deliver top-notch patient care! One example of this approach involves coupling Emergency Department coverage with overnight hospitalist responsibilities, taking provider roles to the next level.

Drawing from our extensive experiences, Wapiti is well-equipped to provide valuable insights into staffing models that have been successful. Our team’s knowledge bank offers hospitals a roadmap for reimagining their staffing models. Our consultative services help facilities explore different approaches and learn what works best. 



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