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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Eric M.

Dr. Eric M. takes front and center this month in the Provider Spotlight. Dr. M. began working for Wapiti in 2020 and joined our team full-time in March 2022. He was born and raised in Owatonna, Minnesota, ne hour south of Minneapolis. Dr. Eric M. is a valued member of the Wapiti family. We are grateful for the opportunity to get to know him better.

Tell us about your family

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Katie, and we just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary in July. We have three children. Our oldest is Bella, 25, who is a fourth-year med student at Central Michigan University who is planning to specialize in Emergency Medicine; Daphne, 23, who is a musician in Minneapolis, MN, and has several albums and singles available for streaming under her name Daphne Jane, and Sully, 19, who is getting ready to start his second year of college as a Psychology major at the University of Minnesota Duluth campus.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

The thing that many people do not know about me is that I am a home gourmet chef.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy exploring my hobbies, including hiking, music, beach combing, telemark skiing, snowshoeing, and spending time with my family.

Why did you decide to become a physician? What is the most rewarding part of your work?

I became a physician as it allowed me to combine my natural curiosity and ability in the math and science fields with my desire to work with people. The most rewarding part of being a physician is being present and helpful at some of the most intense moments of people’s lives.

What is your favorite professional memory?

My favorite memory as a physician was being the best man for a patient’s wedding just days before he passed away from a terminal illness. He was in the hospital and wanted to marry his long-standing significant other before he died. We found a judge who came to perform the ceremony, and myself and a nurse were the best man and maid of honor. It was one of many privileges of my professional calling.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

Balance is always tricky for anyone, especially when your professional life is medicine. The emotional and physical burden of long hours and high-stress situations can burn you out quickly. I schedule time to continue pursuing my passions and ensure I keep sight of who I am, separate from my role as a physician.

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring physicians?

I would give aspiring physicians the same advice I give to my daughter- learn how to say no. You have to make time for yourself. Do not focus too long on the challenges our healthcare system places on us all. And most importantly, we must never lose sight of what an honor it is to be welcomed into our patient’s lives and have them trust us. Staying focused on the sacred space of the physician-patient relationship and delivering compassionate care will energize your spirit.

Thank you, Dr. Eric M., for sharing a little about yourself on this month’s Provider Spotlight! Wapiti appreciates all you do for rural healthcare!

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