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Wapiti Offers Free UpToDate Access to Its Providers

Thanks to Wapiti’s association with Mag Mutual, our malpractice coverage carrier, we can offer our providers a valuable resource for clinical information and treatment options. Mag Mutual’s partnership with UpToDate, an innovative app with a $500 value, allows our providers to make informed treatment recommendations. 

What is UpToDate 

UpToDate is an evidence-based clinical decision resource for healthcare providers. With its vast database of clinical information, evidence-based research, and treatment recommendations, UpToDate helps providers make informed decisions and stay current with emerging medical science. The app offers comprehensive coverage across various medical specialties, from diagnosis to treatment. And now, Wapiti providers can access it for FREE!

Continuing Medical Education 

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are essential for maintaining licensure and demonstrating a commitment to ongoing learning and growth. Some CME opportunities may be possible with access to the app. You can find more information on the UpToDate website

Streamlined Automation

We want our providers to be able to put this app to work as soon as possible. With that in mind, Wapiti has implemented an automated system. Once a placement is made and a first shift is scheduled, our automation sends the necessary information and a link to UpToDate. This streamlined process improves communication and eliminates delays. 

Staying informed and expanding medical knowledge is crucial to healthcare professionals. Combining UpToDate’s features with the convenience of our automation allows our providers to stay current on medical advancements and deliver the best possible patient care. 

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