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New DEA Requirements for Prescribers

Prescribers have new DEA requirements to contend with. Beginning June 27, 2023, clinicians with a DEA registration must meet a one-time training requirement of 8 hours of education on treating and managing patients with an opioid addiction or other SUDs (substance use disorders). The provision aims to curb the epidemic of overdoses in the United States. Wapiti recently informed our providers of the change and offered resources to satisfy the new requirement. We received positive feedback from several of the providers expressing their appreciation for the excellent communication and Wapiti’s resources.

Training resources

Two organizations have taken steps to ensure physicians and other practitioners can more easily comply with the new DEA requirements. The American Medical Association (AMA) has continuing medical education (CME) available on the AMA Ed Hub™ to assist providers in satisfying the training requirement mandate. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) also has a wealth of CME resources that fulfill the DEA directive. The deadline to complete the 8 hours of training is the provider’s next DEA registration renewal date.

Renewal notices

There is also a significant change to the delivery renewal notices. Effective June 30, the DEA will no longer send these notices by mail. They will instead send the notifications to the email address on the provider’s DEA registration. Practitioners must stay on top of their renewal dates to avoid lapses in their registration. To this end, Wapiti has developed an expirable reminder system to help our providers avoid overlooking their renewal deadlines. Our system will inform providers 60,45,30,15, and 5 days before the expiration date, giving them plenty of time to renew.

The team at Wapiti understands how important it is to stay current on regulatory changes to ensure our providers remain compliant. We are committed to supporting our partners and helping them stay on top of new requirements. Working together, we help ensure the highest level of patient care at our client facilities.

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