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Refreshing Your Locum Provider CV

The locum provider curriculum vitae (CV) is an excellent opportunity to highlight your skills and experience to a prospective employer. Putting in extra time and effort when compiling your CV can help you stand out and increase your chance of landing a desired assignment. Here are a few ways you can polish your CV:

A strong opening

You know what they say about a first impression. Kick off your CV with an attention-grabbing profile summary. You should include how many years of experience you have, your special achievements, and areas of expertise. Consider using bullet points to keep it concise and easy to read.

Customize your locum provider CV

Are you applying for an ER position or a temporary assignment? Hospitalist? Family medicine? Customize your locum provider CV to boost the relevant experience and training that qualifies you for the position. Tailoring your CV to the job’s demands can improve your odds of getting the job.

Keep it readable

Actual human beings will be reading your locum provider CV: write accordingly. Maintain a consistent format and use headings where possible. The font also makes a difference. Arial and Calibri are popular for CVs and resumes as they are simple and easy to read. Limit jargon and acronyms as their definitions may vary from facility to facility. Keep your CV short and simple.

Update your locum provider CV

Your CV should be a living document. As your experience grows, it needs to be communicated to potential employers. Expanding your skillset is the hallmark of a growth mindset, which organizations value. If it has been a while since you updated your CV, you owe it to yourself to look it over and see what is missing.

Get feedback

Ask a trusted colleague to proof your locum provider CV. Getting another set of eyes on your work can help you catch errors you might have missed and improve the flow. Additionally, they may offer valuable insights that can help you enhance the appearance and tone of your CV. Don’t take suggestions personally; use the feedback to grow.

With an optimized CV that aligns with the job you seek and communicates your qualifications clearly and concisely, you give yourself an immediate advantage over candidates who have yet to put in the same effort. If it’s been a minute since you updated your CV, now is a great time to see how you can improve it.

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