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The Hospital CEO Guide to Making Locum Providers Feel Valued

As a hospital CEO, its important to know that a successful introduction to your facility can mean the difference between an engaged locum provider and one who feels neglected and unappreciated, directly impacting the patient experience. Properly greeting a new locum provider can make them feel welcome and helps foster a positive working relationship. Here are a few tips to remember:

Be prepared

Firstly, doing a little research beforehand can allow you to personalize the greeting. Taking the time to learn more about them, including their experience, specialties, and other personal details, makes the provider feel special.

Be a resource

A brief, informal orientation from the hospital CEO can be useful for new locum providers stepping into your organization for the first time. This may include the hospital’s layout, how to access resources, and introductions to the team members they will be working with directly.

Be supportive

The work isn’t over after the greeting. Let the locum provider know you are accessible. They should feel comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns throughout their assignment. Communicate to them that as the hospital CEO your door is always open.


Don’t make this initial exchange a one-and-done. Schedule regular check-ins to capture feedback and address any concerns. This practice not only allows you to improve the experience of an individual provider but can also provide an opportunity to learn about areas of improvement for your organization from providers with a plethora of experience from their practice in many different organizations.

Show appreciation

Lastly, is showing appreciation. Sometimes, locum providers are treated like hired guns who merit less consideration than full-time physicians. It can be a costly mistake when all team members don’t feel equally valued. Remember to show the same appreciation for the work of these temporary staff that you would a veteran member of the organization. This can be as simple as a thank you note or stopping by to show gratitude in person.

Everyone has their own style, but whenever you greet a locum provider, you should strive to let them know they are appreciated and that you are prepared to help them succeed. Their assignment may be temporary, but the repercussions of a disaffected provider can be long-lasting.

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