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Why Locum Work Appeals to Retired Providers

Many retired providers choose to explore locum work after leaving their full-time position. Even after a rewarding medical career, some providers want to remain engaged in patient care while minimizing their exposure to workplace politics and paperwork. The financial benefits are another strong motivator. Here are a few reasons locum work can be a draw for providers after retirement.


Retired providers possess a great deal of wisdom and experience. Sharing it with the next generation of medical professionals can benefit patients and the healthcare industry. The opportunity to mentor and train younger people can be very appealing to some older providers.

Financial benefits

Increased financial security is often one of the top reasons providers of any age choose to explore locums work. While contingent on several factors, locum opportunities typically pay well and can help providers supplement their retirement savings. Retired providers can choose between part-time or full-time work depending on their financial goals.

More flexibility

Locum providers frequently express appreciation for flexibility and improved work/life integration. The same is true for retired providers. After a career of demanding schedules and being on call, they are ready to set their own schedule. Locum work allows for that autonomy.

Less administrative headaches

One of the many perks of locum work is the reduced administrative burden. Locum providers can focus entirely on patient care and let the facility, or their staffing agency, handle more of the paperwork. For retired providers who felt encumbered by administrative duties, the change can reconnect them with why they became a provider in the first place.

Professional development

Many providers find life as a locum the perfect antidote to the stress and burnout they experienced while employed full-time. Locum work can allow providers to broaden the scope of their skill set while working in various healthcare settings. It also exposes them to the latest developments in the healthcare industry.

Some providers prefer to devote their retirement to traveling, spending more time with family, or exploring hobbies. However, others find it difficult to disengage from medicine. Locum opportunities can be the perfect solution for providers who need more time to transition away from patient care completely.

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