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Challenges Facing Rural Healthcare

Wapiti Medical Group hosted its first Visionary Committee Meeting on April 10 and 11th in Sioux Falls, SD bringing together industry experts from 5 states.  The group participating was comprised of hospital CEO’s, medical directors, physicians, APP’s, and industry experts with a goal of collaborating on the future of rural healthcare and how we can impact it for sustainability. This group of engaged “investors” focused conversations around solutions for many of the top problems in rural healthcare today.  

Why a visionary committee?  Wapiti’s mission is to improve the well-being of the communities we serve: one employee, one healthcare provider and one facility at a time.  How do we do that in an increasingly challenging and changing landscape? How do we see what will be needed in 5-10 years and respond to the future of rural healthcare?  We bring together the experts in our field to collaborate, to educate and be educated, to share ideas, and to have fun and let the magic happen. 

Discussion was had on many topics including: 

  • Unique, financially viable, staffing solutions in rural hospitals 
  • Provider mental health 
  • Options for disposition of hard-to-place patients. 
  • Onboarding systems and processes for new providers
  • Provider recruiting 
  • Enhancing staffing models with the help of an engaged medical director.
  • Rural Emergency Hospital Designations 
  • The perfect rural provider temperament and skillset 
  • Factors in the financial viability of rural hospitals 


What next?  The information collected will be shared with each member of the Visionary committee to use for their own purposes.  In addition, Wapiti will adapt its strategic plan responding to the insight shared and communicate that with the committee.  The Visionary group has agreed to meet in person once a year and via Zoom call every 6 months continuing the “investment” that has been started.  If you are interested in hearing more about our time together, feel free to reach out to any of the members of the Wapiti leadership team.  We will be happy to continue the conversation, the collaboration and the magic that happens in rural healthcare partnerships.    

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