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Locum Providers Give Wapiti High Scores for Response Time

Locum providers depend on quick response time from their medical staffing company. That’s why Wapiti is so proud of the high marks we received for 24-hour response time in our recent staffing survey.

Responsiveness is central to any successful relationship. That is especially true when it comes to healthcare. Whether it’s a physician addressing a patient’s concerns or medical staff responding to a request from another department, everyone must follow through for the system to function. For the medical staffing industry, responsiveness means ensuring the locum provider never feels ignored when they have a question or concern.

This year, Wapiti is honored to announce that our locum providers have given us some of our highest scores ever in the category of 24-hour response. When asked, “Have all calls and emails to Wapiti received a response within 24 hours?” those responding to our survey stated on average we responded within 24 hours 93% of the time. When asked whether any issues have been resolved promptly by Wapiti, locum providers responded that 96% of the time, this was true. As you see from the information below, we have worked hard to steadily improve our responsiveness.


Staffing Survey





Have all calls and emails to Wapiti received a response within 24 hours?





Have issues you’ve had been resolved in a timely manner?






These results underscore that Wapiti is constantly looking to fine-tune our processes. We work with some of the finest locum providers in the country and they deserve honest, timely communication. Maintaining good relationships with our talent helps ensure they have a productive, positive experience with our client facilities. And in turn, that contributes to increased patient satisfaction.

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