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Nursing Notes

Allen School of Nursing (Waterloo, Iowa); Class of 1990

Written by Jen Westendorf, Division Vice President of Business Development

As 2021 Nurses Week descends upon us, it made me realize that this year will be my 31st year as a nurse. (Dang. That’s a long time . . .). Seriously though, BEST career decision for me by a landslide! My career has included working ICU, neurology, ER, specialty clinic management, and several certifications and degrees such as RN, CCRN, CNRN, NCS.T, BSN, SCRN, CNL, and lastly my most treasured MSN. My latest nursing career shift has been into the world of physician and APP staffing and recruitment with Emergency Practice Associates, now Wapiti Medical Staffing. Who would have thunk?

At the same time, what a match it has been! A nurse, working with healthcare systems, hospitals, and clinics to “sell” reliable, quality, cost-effective, contracted staffing services to key stakeholders, AND help recruit top-quality providers who can mesh and meld into a position that is satisfying and fulfilling. My goal in my current job as Division VP of Business Development is to bring in my perspective from all sides into conversations with my current and prospective clients and providers. I truly listen as a clinician, past ER nurse manager/clinic administrator, and even more importantly, as a consumer of healthcare service for myself, family, and friends.

Jen Westendorf, Division Vice President of Business Development

Nursing is a very rewarding career choice. COVID certainly turned our world upside down in a way we could not have predicted on so many levels. This crisis made me struggle at times with am I a ‘real’ nurse now that I’m technically ‘not on the floor’ any longer. Maybe others, like me, who have gone down a non-traditional path in nursing, have had similar thoughts. Fortunately, those thoughts are very fleeting for me, thank goodness, and it should be for others.

A nurse, is a nurse, is a nurse. Lifelong, forever, and always, no matter where you land.

Happy Nurse’s Week to all!

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