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A Wisconsin Medical Facility Found A New Medical Director And Improved Internal Hiring

The Challenge

A hospital and clinics system in Wisconsin had some issues with provider staffing consistency, quality, and engagement. They needed a more engaged Medical Director to pull patient satisfaction, documentation, collaboration with the local clinic providers together for a stronger team.

Some of their largest pain points were lack of trust between ER providers and clinic providers, potential less revenue recoup based on inadequate documentation, perceived lack of ownership and engagement to pull teams together. Prior to calling Wapiti, they tried working through issues with their previous ER provider service but had limited success.

The Solution

Wapiti Medical Staffing applied a consultative approach to address their pain points. New providers were onboarded with clear expectations, and a new Medical Director was placed to pull teams together and work as a liaison with the clinic provider. Wapiti scheduled quarterly and monthly check-ins or on-site visits with the facility and medical director to monitor progress and success.

The Results

Wapiti Medical Staffing took over ER/IP coverage with a new team of physicians and placed a Medical Director. The results were better patient satisfaction, higher provider engagement, and enhanced communication and documentation between healthcare teams.

What made their engagement with Wapiti different from prior engagements was Wapiti Medical Staffing’s consultative approach. While rural hospitals face many of the same challenges, every facility is unique. Wapiti worked closely with the client to truly understand the root of their staffing issues and customized a solution that would yield results. From site visits to collaboration throughout the hiring process, the client was an active participant in achieving their goals.

This partnership allowed the facility to find a medical director who was well-aligned with their mission and recruit equally aligned physicians. Through routine check-ins, Wapiti learned that volumes were getting busier, which led to discussions to evolve away from combined ER/IP coverage to just ER coverage. The facility worked to secure a telemed hospitalist program.