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Improved ER Staffing Helped Iowa Hospital Achieve 90th Percentile Patient Satisfaction Rates

The Challenge

A hospital in Eastern Iowa was having less-than-ideal patient satisfaction reports from their emergency room. Provider staffing consistency was an issue, and the client wanted to improve retention and access providers with stronger skill sets to support higher acuity and boost satisfaction rates.

The Solution

First, Wapiti Medical Staffing recruited a full-time ER physician to improve scheduling consistency with a core group of physicians. As part of a longer-term solution to boost patient satisfaction, Wapiti scheduled regular check-ins with the ER Medical Director and CEO to stay ahead of any immediate staffing issues and concerns so that gaps could be addressed quickly.

This helped to form a strong relationship with the ER Medical Director and strategically address ongoing and future needs.

The Results

Wapiti’s collaborative approach and open, ongoing communication and site visits fostered a relationship that ultimately led to the client achieving their goals. Their flexible staffing model allowed Wapiti to address both long-term scheduling concerns and fill immediate gaps as needed.

The results were improved consistency in the ER that led to higher patient satisfaction scores. Ultimately, the facility was consistently receiving scores in the 90th percentile and higher.