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Wapiti Earns High Scores for Hospital Culture Fit

Hospital culture can have an impact on the patient experience. We all know that locum providers are essential in helping rural healthcare facilities provide seamless care. However, the key to a successful locum experience is finding a provider who is a great cultural fit. Cultural alignment can improve patient experiences, boost staff morale, and enhance hospital performance.

In our most recent survey, facilities gave Wapiti high scores for our commitment to finding candidates who were the best cultural fit. Of those facilities that responded to the survey, 92% reported that Wapiti consistently presents candidates who align with their team’s culture. The results prove that culture fit remains a top consideration for facilities. Moreover, it shows that our clients appreciate that Wapiti makes it a priority when submitting candidates.

Why does hospital culture matter?

Finding the right hospital culture fit is critical to providing superior patient care. Furthermore, it plays a role in strengthening staff dynamics, boosting efficiency, prioritizing safety, and driving overall performance. Submitting locum providers who align with a facility’s culture pays off in several ways, from day-to-day operations to long-term success and reputation.


In addition, locum providers who are a hospital culture fit are more adaptable. This translates to being better equipped to meet challenges, respond to emergencies, and provide optimal care while maintaining the facility’s values and standards. Facilities face challenging situations daily, making adaptability a valuable quality in a candidate.

Wapiti couldn’t be prouder of our hospital culture fit scores or more appreciative of our partners’ feedback. We constantly strive to improve our processes and ensure we give our best effort to our client facilities. Finding the right culture fit aligns with Wapiti’s commitment to healthcare staffing done with reliability and integrity.