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Do you experience cynicism and burnout from your never-ending paperwork, administrator demands, and overwhelming patient loads?

While stress and exhaustion can happen anywhere, we’ve seen a large majority of our locum providers experience this at urban hospitals. This high-stress, over-worked lifestyle can lead to physician dissatisfaction and eventually burnout.


According to US News & World Reports, approximately one-third of physicians report they experience burnout in their career. In fact, doctors are 15 times more likely to experience professional burnout than any other line of work.

The same article also states that 45 percent of primary care providers would quit their jobs if their budgets allowed them to do so. That means nearly half of all primary care physicians are so stressed out and fed up with the politics of their employer that they’re ready to walk out.

If you find yourself in this situation, we welcome you to explore what making a change from the urban hospital or clinic setting to the rural setting can do for your sense of well-being and work/life balance. You may just find that stepping out of the hustle and bustle of the city as a locum tenens provider is the right move for you.


1. Lower patient volumes mean less mental and physical stress.
In a rural hospital you won’t be meeting with multiple patients back to back, nor will you have a huge waiting room of patients needing to see you. As a result, you will have more breathing room during shifts and experience less stress as you leave, allowing you to be more focused on family, hobbies or other activities outside of work.

2. Flexible scheduling offers you freedom and ultimately more control over your income.
When you partner with us to work in a rural community, you choose when you work. Decide the days you want off each month, then travel back to work for a shift length of your choice. Work up to 72 or even 96 hours, if you desire, then take multiple days or weeks off to spend time with friends and family. The flexible and individualized scheduling of being locum allows you to determine where and when you work, better suiting your unique lifestyle. You never need to worry about missing an important life event or holiday again.

3. Experience a sense of community with a strong work ethic.
At a smaller hospital, you will be providing top-notch care with the same people from day to day, facilitating deeper connections and healthy work relationships. With a healthy team atmosphere, you will never feel alone. You will always feel supported and respected, and rest assured that your hard work will not go unnoticed.

4. You will be helping where your skills are needed the most.
You can find satisfaction in your work by knowing you are providing quality care in areas that are often underserved. Experience fulfillment and pride in knowing your efforts are appreciated and valued, instead of feeling overworked and taken for granted.

5. You can feel comfortable and at ease in the community.
When you’re a locum practitioner in a rural setting, you don’t have to worry about congestion, getting stuck in a busy traffic jam after a long shift or have concerns about high crime rates. The city life may have its perks too, but sometimes you just need a break.

6. Experience the culture and beauty of Midwest communities.
In many Midwest communities, you will find beautiful, scenic locations that you can’t experience in the busy cities. Expect a calm, relaxing environment- the perfect setting to decompress and recharge after a long shift! You can actually see the stars at night, enjoy the lakes of Minnesota, the cheese of Wisconsin, and the plains of South Dakota and Iowa. Have the luxury of exploring a new refreshing environment in-between work shifts!

7. You have the opportunity to explore the region with your family on your time off.
When you’re creating your own schedule, you will already have more free time to be with your family. But why not take your whole family to explore the beautiful upper Midwest alongside you? Take advantage of living in a new area for a week or two at a time with the ones you love the most.


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