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The healthcare setting can be a challenge, both organizationally and individually. Between government, insurance, local regulations, and various groups, medical professionals are spending more time than ever managing processes instead of working with patients.

In fact, numerous studies are now estimating that today’s providers spend just 12 to 17 percent of their workdays with patients. Other tasks, such as processing forms, writing letters and communication, reviewing labs, maintaining and updating EMR, and attending staff trainings or meetings consume the rest of their time.

Every day, providers are being asked to see more patients and handle more tasks related to those patients. On top of that, there are additional bureaucratic hospital tasks to handle, which leads us to today’s question:

Are you in control of your healthcare career?

The Healthcare Challenge

The burden of this over-scheduling and over-management is not just a challenge for providers. Hospitals are also being asked to plan, measure, and submit much more data and feedback due to new regulations, HIE planning, and increased liability risks, etc. Even the best hospital systems are feeling the stress of new requirements.

Managing responsibilities within this new-management world of healthcare can feel like a personal and organizational marathon for on-staff medical professionals. Providers often work more hours with less flexibility, more paperwork and greater burnout.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a singular, simple way to solve such problems faced by hospital providers and administrators. In fact, the challenges of being on staff may only grow and intensify as regulation increases and less control and flexibility results.

The Wapiti Solution

While there isn’t a “magic fix” to the increased complexity of working in healthcare – Wapiti offers an opportunity for providers to work as independent practitioners who are oftentimes able to avoid more of the frustration, organizational headache and burnout than they would as an employee.

Our goal is to bring both hospitals and providers together to serve patients. We handle much of the administrative work so hospitals can ensure provider coverage and providers can have control of their lives.

This partnership results in three major benefits to providers:

1. More control of your schedule
When hospital staff are scheduled under the control of hospital management, the result can mean long shifts, inconvenient on-call shifts and less flexibility than you desire. With Wapiti, you control your schedule. Want to take 6 weeks off to travel during the summer? Wapiti can make it possible. Want to work two long weekends per month, with the rest of the month off? Wapiti can arrange it. As an independent provider, you control your schedule. This also results in better overall morale for facilities, and less open shifts for facility staff to cover.

2. Less workplace bureaucracy
Medical facilities are struggling with the burden of a new world of healthcare, but that doesn’t mean that providers have to struggle as well. With Wapiti, we partner with great hospital and clinic systems to coordinate paperwork, regulations and hospital bureaucracy, leaving our providers more time to work with patients and enjoy life with their families.

3. Freedom and support to try new things

As a Wapiti provider, you can control your career with greater freedom to travel the country and try new locations, shifts and regions. In addition to providing valuable services to communities across the country, you will experience exciting new surroundings and work with new people. Wapiti makes this work seamless and easy, offering support with credentialing, travel, and lodging. And because Wapiti doesn’t require an exclusivity contract, you retain total freedom to build your career as you choose.

4. Your Career, Your Choice

Your career should be under your control. Wapiti considers its providers family, and we work with hospitals to ensure that a) you have the freedom and support you need to b) build the career you want and c) thrive in the settings you choose.

We’d love to answer your questions about becoming an independent healthcare provider.

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