The Hospital CEO Guide to Making Locum Providers Feel Valued

Hospital CEO shaking hands with locum provider

As a hospital CEO, its important to know that a successful introduction to your facility can mean the difference between an engaged locum provider and one who feels neglected and unappreciated, directly impacting the patient experience. Properly greeting a new locum provider can make them feel welcome and helps foster a positive working relationship. Here […]

How Locums Can Get the Most Out of Orientation

Two male doctors and a female doctor sitting in hospital orientation

Sometimes hospital orientations are seen by locums as a tedious, time-consuming process. You don’t want to waste a whole day listening to presentations and filling out paperwork; what you want to do is start seeing patients. However, orientation is a unique opportunity to learn more about the hospital’s culture, policies, and mission and to introduce […]

CRNA Week is Jan. 22nd-28th

National CRNA Week symbol

During National CRNA Week, Wapiti Medical Staffing recognizes and celebrates the impact nurse anesthetists make on the healthcare industry. This year, CRNA Week is Jan. 22nd-28th. History The origins of the CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetists) role stretch back to the 19th century. In 1846, Dr. William T.G. Morton became the first American to perform a successful […]

Recognizing Human Trafficking Signs in a Healthcare Setting

Victim of human trafficking with hands bound

A recent article from Mag Mutual focuses on the role of healthcare in combating human trafficking. Not Just a Big City Issue Human trafficking is a growing problem in the United States, and it is a mistake to think midwestern states are immune from this horrific crime. For example, Michigan, Missouri, and Nebraska all rank […]