Facility Referral Program

Do you know a medical facility in need of healthcare staffing services?
Consider referring that facility to Wapiti Medical Staffing. We have more than 20 years' experience staffing healthcare facilities in various settings throughout the United States. We have adaptive healthcare staffing solutions for any situation and offer contracts for any length that meets our partner facility needs.

How does it work?
Submit contact information for a facility that is not currently doing business with Wapiti. When that facility signs a contract with Wapiti Medical Staffing, you will receive:
  • $250 upon signature of a part-time contract
  • $1,000 upon signature of a full-time 24/7 contract
* In order to qualify, a referred site cannot have worked with Wapiti in the last 12 months.
* If you are not allowed to participate individually, your site will be credited on its next bill or the money donated to a hospital charity.

To make a facility referral, please complete the form below. If you prefer, you can also have your facility contact reach out to us - just be sure to tell them to mention your name so you can be credited for the referral.

Information About Your Referral

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Information About You

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Reasons to Refer Wapiti
"Wapiti has been great to work with. The company has been responsive to our needs and has partnered with us to solve problems."
Hospital CEO

"Wapiti has come to our rescue numerous times by securing providers on short notice to cover unexpected absences for call and is great in helping to cover holidays."
Hospital Administrator

"I truly feel Wapiti does a great job placing qualified providers to our clinic that fit well with our culture. Wapiti is easy to work with."
Clinic Manager
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