Thriving Through a Pandemic - Iowa Hospital Association Webinar

Wapiti President Troy Kastrup and Jen Lloyd, Vice President of Operations, recently served as moderators for a virtual session with The Iowa Hospital Association (IHA). The event was a roundtable discussion about health care leadership as a social process that enables people to work together to achieve results. During the COVID-19 pandemic, socializing best practices, ideas, and concerns about how to thrive in this crisis environment can foster organizational innovation and growth.

Watch the full webinar here:

  • Discuss financially, legally, and administratively sound adaptations.
  • Identify best health care focused practices from the group discussion.
  • Outline additional adaptations that are necessary and how to prepare for them.
Troy Kastrup, President, and Jen Lloyd, Vice President of Operations, Wapiti Medical Staffing

David Kroon, Attorney and Shareholder, Woods Fuller; Ralph Llewellyn, Partner, Eide Bailly; and Mike Shafer, CEO and Administrator, Spooner Health System
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