Emergency Nurse Week Winners!


October 6-12 was Emergency Nurses Week. We asked you to help Wapiti celebrate by nominating an awesome ER nurse to win a prize. We received so many great nominations that we couldn’t choose just one outstanding nurse – we chose FOUR!

Check out the winners below. Each received a $50 gift card from Amazon.®

Liz Knief
I love Liz for her laugh and compassion. She is so smart and helps every other nurse in the department. She is the secretary unit coordinator, housekeeping, tech, the charge nurse all in one shift. She will do all these things without asking. She recognizes when there is a need, and gets it done. I am always happy to see her when it’s busy or even when it’s not.

Brent Nelson
I think every department or business has their “go to person.” The person who knows the answer to your question, the one who knows where to find what you are looking for, the one who has been there, done that, and knows exactly what to do. In our department, in our hospital, that’s Brent Nelson. Whether it’s the impossible IV start that requires the placement of a midline catheter, a sick call that needs to be covered, someone to carry the pager for the house supervisor, the toilet is broken in one of the two patient bathrooms, he’s our guy! He’s known by so many patients and families. He has prayed with a patient in the back of an ambulance on their way to the cath lab. He is a leader, a teacher and an amazing nurse. He is worthy of recognition for his dedication to our hospital and community!

Amanda Vader
Amanda has mastered the skills of a quick and accurate triage. She is task oriented, meaning her exceptional skills like IV's, IO's EKG's, catheters etc are performed without hesitation. She is a leader and the nurses who work with her emulate her commitment to always improving the care they provide. She is highly accomplished at the completion of the EMR, thus serving as a resource for other staff, including physicians. She is young and energetic, so she will be a source of comfort and support to our hospital and patients for many years to come.

Gorana Zekanovic
Gorana is very compassionate and a true hero. She keeps her skills up to date, always willing to learn and teach others, an all-around great nurse. When times are tough, she gets through it and continues to be an advocate for the patient. No matter your title, she treats everyone the same.

THANK YOU to our winners - and thank you to all Emergency Nurses for everything you do!
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