The Impact of Locum Tenens

Locum Tenens Week is an opportunity to recognize locum tenens healthcare practitioners for their ongoing contributions in meeting the nation’s healthcare needs. The locum tenens industry impacts healthcare providers, patients, and communities throughout the United States.

Healthcare Practitioners
Approximately 50,000 physicians regularly practice medicine as locum tenens practitioners.1 In addition, many advance practice providers choose to work locum, either full-time or part-time. There are a variety of reasons why healthcare practitioners work locum tenens, including scheduling flexibility, supplemental income, variety in their career, freedom to travel, or to serve a need.

Wapiti Medical Staffing currently works with over 500 healthcare providers from around the country. Our team of physicians and advanced practice providers work in a variety of settings including emergency departments, hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities, and surgical environments. Wapiti fills gaps for hospitals and clinics by providing them with the top-quality healthcare professionals they need when they need them.

Approximately 60 million Americans (20% of the population) live in rural communities. Around those locations, the physician-to-patient ratio is roughly 1 to 2,500.2 Without locum tenens staffing, many patients in underserved communities would not have their healthcare needs met.

Wapiti-contracted practitioners provide healthcare to more than 300,000 patients a year. Our providers bring clinical knowledge and understanding of healthcare issues to the patients they encounter, as well as dedication to service excellence and a passionate commitment to care. We are proud of our team of locum tenens practitioners and the care they deliver to patients.

By the year 2030, the physician shortage is projected to reach 120,000. More than 90 percent of hospitals in the U.S. report that they use locum tenens to help fill staffing gaps created by both long-term and short-term staff shortages.1 The locum tenens staffing industry is critical to ensuring that medical facilities remain fully staffed and able to function at their full potential.

Wapiti serves communities throughout a multi-state region and has forged valuable community relationships as a result of that work. Our team of locum tenens health practitioners works diligently to ensure that the healthcare needs of underserved rural areas are met.

At Wapiti, we understand the value of rural America. With offices in South Dakota, Iowa, and Utah, Wapiti Medical Staffing is part of rural America. These communities are our communities.

Interested in working locum tenens? Visit our job board to view our featured opportunities!
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