A Giant Pit Stop on the Wapiti Road Trip

Most people don’t stop for a vegetable, let alone become mesmerized by a statue of a man looking like a green vegetable! But that wasn’t the case for Staci Brown (Wapiti Region Operations Director) and Jen Westendorf (Wapiti Region Vice President). They couldn’t resist the urge to stop and snap a photo with the Jolly Green Giant statue while on their way through Blue Earth, Minnesota.

The statue is a symbol of the long-standing association between the City of Blue Earth and the Green Giant food company. Built in 1979, it can be seen from the distance off Interstate 90 due to its immense height - a whopping 55.5 feet! The giant wears a size 78 shoe (for his six-foot-long feet), sports a smile that stretches 48 inches, and cost $43,000 to manufacture.

The goal of the green giant was to pique the curiosity of those traveling on I-90 so they would take the exit into Blue Earth. In return, this would increase business for the town. In theory, this was a great idea to gain the attention of the travelers, but to everyone’s dismay it worked like rotten tomatoes.

Staci and Jen have traveled many different roads throughout Minnesota. Yet, they never have found another statue quite like this one. Whoever said fruit got all the attention?

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