Wapiti Road Trip – Hermann Monument

Troy Kastrup (Wapiti CEO), Rob Lovejoy (Senior Vice President – Development), and Jen Lloyd (Region Operations Director) recently traveled to New Ulm, MN for a facility visit. New Ulm has a strong German history and was considered the “most German city in America” by the Federal Census of 2000. During their time In New Ulm, the Wapiti group found a few minutes to stop at the Hermann Monument, a local tribute to a German hero.

At 32-feet tall, the Hermann Monument is the third largest copper statue in the U.S. (First is the Statue of Liberty, and second is Portlandia in Portland, Oregon.) The monument was inspired by a similar statue in Germany and pays homage to Hermann the German, a first-century German who helped Germania triumph over Roman conquest (Source:

Below are a few photos of their trip. Stay tuned to social media and the Wapiti website for more stories about the Wapiti Road Trip, and don’t forget about our corresponding travel-themed promotion! We will be giving away a prize worth $1,000! Click here for full details!


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