Best and Worst States for Doctors in 2019

Source: WalletHub

The personal finance website WalletHub recently published its 2019 list of the best and worst states for doctors. Their analysis includes data ranging from physicians’ average annual wage, to hospitals per capita, to quality of public hospital system. The results show that physicians in the Great Plains and Midwest* states typically have higher wages and less expensive malpractice insurance.

        *Wapiti has positions available at many of WalletHub’s top ranked states. Click here to view our current opportunities.

Below is WalletHub’s list of the top 10 states to practice medicine:
  1. Montana
  2.  Wisconsin 
  3. Idaho
  4.  Minnesota
  5. Iowa
  6. South Dakota
  7. Kansas
  8. Nebraska
  9.  Mississippi
  10. North Dakota
Least expensive annual malpractice liability insurance:
  1. Nebraska
  2. South Dakota
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Minnesota
  5. Kansas
View WalletHub’s full rankings at
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