Meet the Wapiti Team

The entire Wapiti team recently gathered for a two-day team building event. With offices in Iowa, Utah, Montana, and across South Dakota, it’s not often that we all get together under the same roof. This was a great opportunity for everyone to network, learn, and strategize on how to best utilize our talent.  We paused long enough to take one large group photo to celebrate our time together.

Front row (left to right): Kim Herrmann, Chief Operations Officer; Troy Kastrup, Chief Executive Officer

Second row: Jen Lloyd, Region Operations Director; Staci Brown, Region Operations Director; Brittney Pauli, Manager of Accounting and Finance

Third row: Dena Barton, Recruiter; Kathy Stephan, Accountant; Annavel Quintana, Account Manager; Margaret Steinlicht, Executive Administrative Assistant; Jatelyn Paulson, Account Manager; Morgan Pageler, Provider Sourcing Specialist; Lee Carroll, Account Manager; Cortney Walker, Coordinator

Fourth row: Meredith Musegades, Director of Recruitment; Stacy Schmidt, Account Manager; Jessica Huff-Steils, Accountant; Christy Pullin, Credentialer; Miriah Hicks, Recruiter; Tonya Schlueter, Credentialer; Jody Kramer, Logistics Coordinator; Kari Abraham-Hoffmann (and baby Violet), IT Coordinator; Jenny Dodd, Administrative Assistant; Nichole Thomas, Account Manager; Julie Jarman, Credentialer, Jen Westendorf, Region Vice President

Back Row: Casey Henry, Recruiter; Stephanie Chambliss, Coordinator; Christina Nunez, Recruiter; Brett Hewlett, Director of Federal Contracts; Deanna Lundberg, Credentialer; Mindy Peters, Account Manager; Shelby Magedanz, Account Manager; Tracy Bennett, Marketing Coordinator; Julie Thomson, Credentialer, Carrie Arbeiter, Manager of Human Resources; Krista Cronin, Credentialer; Denise Samson, Accountant, Dave Cooper, Chief Financial Officer

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