Best and Worst Places to Practice 2017

Medscape recently published its list of the best and worst places to practice in 2017. Factors that were considered when compiling the list include locations that have:
  • less burnout
  • fewer lawsuits
  • more teamwork among doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners
  • appealing cultural and recreational attractions
  • walk-friendly settings
The four states ranking highest on the list are states staffed extensively by Wapiti Medical Staffing. From the article:


State Profile: "Minnesota Nice" is the second happiest, the fourth most family-friendly, and the fifth most livable state. Residents have the ninth highest interest in wildlife-related recreation. The state has been named the seventh safest, with the best drivers in the nation, according to auto insurance statistics.

Relief for Doctors: Residents here are the fourth healthiest population. The state has the second highest rate of employer-sponsored health insurance in the nation, the 17th lowest number of malpractice lawsuits, and its medical board is the third least harsh in the nation. The state is the third highest in practices' teamwork with PAs or NPs.


State Profile: Wisconsin invented the waterpark. It also has the sixth highest interest in wildlife-related recreation and is the 12th best state for golf. The state is the 15th happiest and the 18th most livable, with the eighth lowest divorce rate.

Relief for Doctors: The state has the 14th lowest number of malpractice lawsuits, the sixth highest physician income, and the second highest rate of employed physicians.


State Profile: South Dakota has the feel of a small town, with fewer than 1 million people in the entire state. It ranks as the third best state for well-being and the ninth happiest state.

Relief for Doctors: Factors that could lower physician stress include the fourth least harsh medical board and the fourth lowest number of malpractice lawsuits. The state is ranked seventh highest in hospital patient satisfaction and highest in practices' teamwork with PAs or NPs. Physicians here have the third highest income and the third highest rate of employed status.


State Profile: Lacking the hustle and bustle of both coasts may be the reason for Iowa's high ranking. Stress levels are lower than in most states. Iowa is ranked the seventh happiest state and the fifth most family-friendly state. It has the lowest divorce rate, is ranked the fourth best place with fewer fatalities and accidents among car drivers in the country, and is ranked the 24th best state for golf.

Relief for Doctors: Iowa doctors enjoy the eighth highest physician income, but there is a relatively high number of malpractice lawsuits and a fairly harsh medical board. Iowa has the sixth highest rate of insurance coverage, so it may be easier to receive payment for services. Iowa has the 10th highest ranking in hospital patient satisfaction.

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