Securing Patient Information Through Data Encryption


The following article is from the MagMutual Learning Center. MagMutual, an A rated healthcare liability insurance company, is the malpractice insurance carrier used by Wapiti Medical Staffing. Data encryption is a crucial component of your healthcare organization’s cyber security strategy. Although encrypting data might add an extra burden, it will protect electronic patient information as […]

How a Healthcare Recruiter Can Help You


As a physician or APP looking for a locum tenens or perm placement position, you may wonder … what is the point of a healthcare recruiter? Why not go directly to the job source yourself? Recruiters are essentially just middlemen, aren’t they? Actually, no, they are not. Let’s take a look at how the recruiting […]

Credentialing Timelines: Planning Tips

Credentialing. Ugh. What is it and why does it seem to take so long? What is credentialing? Credentialing is the process of verifying a healthcare practitioner’s professional records before they can gain privileges to work at a facility. Credentialing serves several purposes: It establishes your qualifications. Companies use credentialing to ensure that the healthcare practitioner […]

Insights into Physician Wealth and Debt

calculator and stethoscope on desk

Medscape recently released its annual Physician Wealth and Debt Report, a survey of over 13,000 physicians in more than 29 specialties. The respondents share insights into their compensation, investments, and budgets. Overall, the past few years have negatively affected physicians’ incomes due largely to the pandemic. However, as practices have reopened and patients have begun […]

IRS Increases Mileage Rate

car dashboard

The federal tax deduction used by businesses and self-employed taxpayers for work-related mileage is increasing, starting in July. Typically, The IRS only adjusts this rate once a year. However, a midyear adjustment is being made due to rising gas prices. The optional standard mileage rate for business-related driving is increasing to 62.5 cents a mile, […]

Gayle Stahl: Empowered to Help Others

At Wapiti Medical Staffing, our culture is largely driven by our ICARE Values: Integrity, Commitment, Adaptability, Responsiveness, and Empowerment. These are the guiding principles our team utilizes to better achieve common goals, both professionally and personally. Gayle Stahl, Wapiti Operations Manager, is a shining example of these values. Gayle is the founder and president of […]